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Envisioned to be a food processing company, Village Gourmet Co., Inc. started with the baked products division and has now branched into the food processing division. At present, the company offers a wide breadth of premium products for sale at retail supermarkets under the Village Gourmet brand name aimed at the A and B classes of customers. The product line consists of about 50 individual baked products in different forms and flavors. Although the company has its own brand name available in the market, it also services the institutional market for baked products, and services numerous small and large food chain establishments with specialty items from both fully baked and par-baked product lines. The main goal of Village Gourmet is to produce products, which satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Village Gourmet is seeking for individuals who are confident and self motivated. It aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit and drive in all its employees. The company is looking forward to further fuel its exceptional growth with its employee’s talents and hard work.

If you are interested in a position at Village Gourmet Co., Inc., please send your resume to either of the following :

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