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The Village Gourmet story began eight years ago, when two brothers, returning from an extended sojourn in the US, were disappointed to find that there were no good bagels in Manila. Not ones to be put off so easily, the kitchen savvy duo decided to make the bagels themselves and offer them locally, figuring that once the local city folk had tried the crispy yet chewy bagels they loved – they’d fly off the shelves!

So, the two brothers went back to the US to learn how to make these famous bagels and then returned back to Manila to set up their own bakery. And by November 1997, the very first Village Gourmet bagels were making their way to supermarkets around the city.

It seems they weren’t mistaken – there definitely was a market for high quality ”gourmet” breads. Once they got their bagels down pat, they noticed they couldn’t find any flour tortillas locally either. They started producing and again they were met with an overwhelming response – it seems they really had a feel for what people wanted.

From there they set their sights on European artisan breads – baguettes and batards in various flavors and sizes: the classic French, healthy Whole Wheat, the distinct Sourdough, to even more gourmet flavors like Rosemary & Olive Oil. They soon discovered that the secret to making delicious artisan loaves was in the traditional fermentation process! No ordinary commercial yeast would do, no shortcuts would suffice – they brought in live organic California-born yeast to make an authentic sourdough starter. This was no small feat – their prized starter was like a delicate pet that needed to be fed thrice a day and kept in a comfortable, cool climate or else it wouldn’t survive. This “pet” has been kept alive since Village Gourmet’s beginnings.

Aside from the branded products you find in your local groceries, Village Gourmet has developed several other products that are exclusively prepared for discerning restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains and supermarkets. You may be eating a Village Gourmet product in your favorite restaurant and not even know it!

Today Village Gourmet offers over 70 different products! These fine products are served in over 250 establishments and are available in supermarkets within Luzon! Village Gourmet is in continuous mode of research and development to introduce new and authentic products.

If there’s something else you’d like to see on the shelves of your favorite supermarket or eat at a table of your favorite restaurants, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen.

Remember, we know how frustrating it is to crave for that authentic product and flavor. This is how the company started!

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